Strawberry Flavour Bath Bomb (100g)


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Strawberry Flavour Bath Bomb (100g)

Reduces UV damage

Puffy finger and hands treatment

Oil Control

Anti ageing

Reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots


Strawberry Flavour Bath Bomb


Cold is sizzling to get but not impossible to digest. strawberries aren’t just an item to forget.

As for the bursting colors of red and pink we are offering the smell at your private inn.

The natural extract of Fragaria is not just hard to ignore but blissful to have it all.



Citric acid for exfoliating

Essential oil for moisturizing

Sodium bicarbonate for the fizz you enjoy

Natural plant extracts and strawberry extract

Paraben-free, sulphate-free & alcohol-free

Completely organic

Vegan and Halal

How to use:

Fill your bathtub with water, toss the bath bomb into the tub and roll back to enjoy its beautiful color and mesmerizing fragrance.

Age: Suitable For All Ages. Not below the age of 13 years for children please refer to the kid’s section.

               Handmade in India.



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Weight 100 g

Pink, Red