Lavender Flavour Bath Bomb (100g)


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Lavender Flavour Bath Bomb (100g)

Maintain skin tone

Reduces wrinkles

Reduces acne

Hand and Leg toner

Reduce eczema


Lavender Flavour Bath Bomb

The most soothing and calming of all is waiting at your service to burst your bubble after the fall. Splashes of most exotic smell are what we all are looking after all.
Filled with warm sensual aroma, rich in antioxidants and detox your body after having a long day.



Citric acid for exfoliating

Essential oil for moisturizing

Sodium bicarbonate for the fizz you enjoy

Natural plant extracts and original Lavender extract

Paraben-free, sulphate-free & alcohol-free

Completely organic

Vegan and Halal

How to use: Fill your bathtub with water, toss the bath bomb into the tub and roll back to enjoy its beautiful color and mesmerizing fragrance.

Age: Suitable For All Ages. Not below the age of 13 years for children please refer to the kid’s section.

               Handmade in India.



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Weight 100 g

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