Coconut Pedicure Fizzers (50g/2pc)


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Coconut Pedicure Fizzers (50g/2pc)

Removes non living tissue

Massage of the foot


No harsh scrubbing required

Excessive oil controls

Body Hygiene

De tan



Coconut Pedicure Fizzers

Have you wondered that a pedicure set would be so lavish and useful without doing any scrubbing and or oiling. But here we giving you the luxury pedicure set.

No need for masking exfoliating just drop these small fizzy golf balls in your pedicure bowl. Let your legs soak for 45 minutes while you watch the fizzers dissolve. After 45 minutes just use towel to wipe your legs.


Citric acid for exfoliating

Essential oil for moisturizing, coconut extracts

Sodium bicarbonate for the fizz you enjoy

Paraben-free, sulphate-free & alcohol-free

Vegan and Halal

Age: Suitable For All Ages. Not below the age of 13 years for children please refer to the kid’s section.

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