Bumble Bee (100g)


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Bumble Bee (100g)




Reduces sunburn and rashes

Chemical free body scrub with moisturiser for kids


Bumble Bee (100g)

The hope of life is the birth of one’s soul each and half comes with the mere fold you take in each breath the dazzling brightened ray! The silver lining of the sun is what thezeeco says!


Citric acid for exfoliating

Essential oil for moisturizing

Sodium bicarbonate for the fizz you enjoy

Natural plant extracts

Paraben-free, sulphate-free


Completely organic

Vegan and Halal

Handmade in India.

How to use: Fill your bathtub with water, toss the bath bomb into the tub and roll back to enjoy its beautiful color and mesmerizing fragrance.

Hop in and enjoy! Cause’ now’s the perfect time to roll in, put on a sheet mask, play your favorite playlist and give yourself some pleasant time.

Age: Suitable For 4-14 years. For other category refer Thezeeco.


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